Britain's future depends on empowering the next generation to become active citizens

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Mock Trials

The Mock Trials are an effective and fun way of helping young people understand how the judicial system works. Learn how you can get involved...




Schools measure children by their academic achievement. However, we need to remember that qualities such as empathy, compassion and fair-mindedness are just as important.



We have mobilised more than 300,000 young people to take social action.

We've helped 80% of secondary schools nurture active citizens.


Recognising that teachers lack time and have a requirement to teach about the rule of law as part of fundamental British values, we've teamed up with legal experts to create comprehensive legal education resources.



Economic Experts in Schools

We believe that it’s vital for young people to get to grips with key economic terms and concepts during their school life. Our programmes enables professionals to use their expertise to bring economics to life in the classroom.



Constructive Space Charity of the Year 2020

Young Citizens has been chosen as Constructive Space's Charity of the Year for 2020. You can read more about the work of Young Citizens and support their work by donating and sharing this appeal with your networks. Click here!


Author: Richard John

Target amount: £15,000.00

Amount raised: £3,201.00




  • Bar Mock Trial Competition National Final - The Old Bailey

    EVENT CLOSED TO PUBLIC: The Old Bailey hosts the National Final of the 2019/20 Bar Mock Trial cycle. (Applications closed on 11th June, but you can read more about the competition here!) Read more

  • Justice Week 2020

    Building on the successful inaugural Justice Week in 2018, the aim of Justice Week 2020 (February 24 – 28) is to “improve access to justice by boosting the profile of justice and the rule of law, placing them at the centre stage of public and political debate”. Read more