Legal Experts in School

Legal Experts in Schools partners law firms, barrister chambers and in-house legal teams with groups of young people to help them to understand the UK legal system. Alongside developing students’ knowledge, the format of the programme allows volunteers to have a lasting impact on students’ employability skills such as communication and critical thinking.

Over the course of six, 1-hour sessions legal professionals volunteer with small groups of students, using specially created resources, to facilitate debate around engaging topics like human rights and social media. By taking part in the programme not only do young people gain an understanding of the law and how it relates to their lives, but working in small groups with the volunteers also helps them to learn more about the legal profession and the world of work.

Legal Experts in Schools has been running for over 20 years, giving students rare access to the legal profession and the unique opportunity to learn about the law from the very people who practice it.

98% of young people who took part last year would recommend to another student

100% of last year’s volunteers would recommend taking part to a colleague

“It’s a very good programme which exposes you to different ways of thinking.” Student, Raines Foundation School

“I really enjoyed taking part in the programme; I wish there had been a session like this available as part of my school day when I was at school! The topics were varied, engaging and really valuable to the students in the session.”

Volunteer, Matrix Chambers

Get in touch with Therri Tait, our Partnerships Manager, if you want to get involved! 

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