Young Citizens and FTI Consulting launch Circular Economies resource for secondary schools

Did you know that 61% of 18 to 24-year-olds buy something they didn’t need just because it was on sale? Or that, by 2030, it is expected that the fashion industry will use 35% more land for cotton and forest for cellulosic fibres?

In a society dominated by fast fashion and consumerism, it is vital that young people understand how the economy can be used to support climate action and sustainability.

In collaboration with FTI Consulting, we are delighted to launch a new teaching resource aimed at secondary schools and sixth-form colleges that explores how the economy can be used to create a more sustainable future. 

Focussing on the fashion industry, students aged 11-18 will discover the difference between linear and circular economies and critically consider who has the power to drive change.  

By the end of the lesson, they will also be able to identify what actions they can take to be more sustainable. 

Educators can download the resource pack here. 

The resource comes as #FashionRevolutionWeek takes place between 22nd-29th April 2023 to raise awareness of the impact fashion has on the planet. 

Thank you FTI Consulting, for supporting #ClimateAction and working closely with Young Citizens to develop a suite of classroom resources that teachers can download for free and deliver in the classroom themselves. Other resources we have created in collaboration include: 

Download the resource pack here.


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