Are you really offering all your primary resources for free?

Yes! Central to our mission is helping as many children and young people access citizenship learning. Our primary resources are a key way for us to meet that objective. Thanks to Pears Foundation, a long-term funder of Young Citizens, we are able to offer these resources to you free of charge.

To subscribe simply complete the form here making sure to locate your school using the correct postcode. You, and any teachers that you add to your school account, will then be able to have full access to all primary resources – including lessons, assemblies, certificates and much much more…

We also offer a smaller set of free secondary resources which can be accessed by creating an account (no subscription required).

What about your secondary age range resources?

We have lots of lessons to support teaching at secondary level – covering topics from Economic Cycles to a Mock Parliament Debate. We are also able to offer you these free as we have been supported to develop them by a variety of organisations.

To access the free secondary resources you will need to create an account. But you will not need to purchase a subscription.

We also have a paid-for subscription to a library of law and justice system focused resources through our website SmartLaw.

How do I subscribe?

Click on ‘Join’ in the top menu.

Choose your subscription.

Find your school by typing your schools Post Code and selecting it from the drop down list:

Enter your contact details in the Lead Teacher section, and press Create account and continue.

Note: You will need to use your school email to register.


Do you cover anything other than citizenship?

Yes. We  map all our primary resources to the new statutory guidance on Relationships Education and to the PSHE Association’s Programme of Study updated in 2020 that covers, and goes beyond, the statutory guidance. Whilst our resources will  not cover all of the objectives relating to sex education (non-statutory in primary schools) and health education, we cover the majority of the objectives relating to relationships education. Mapping documents can be found in our planning section.


What about teachers and schools in Scotland?

We have recently mapped all our primary resources to the Curriculum for Excellence. These mapping documents can also be found in our planning section.

Our secondary resources are also designed to be used for Scottish students, covering S3-S6 depending on the resource.

If I were to set up a school subscription, how many teachers would be able to access the resources?

The number of teachers from your school who can access the resources is unlimited. Whilst we need a ‘Lead Teacher’ who is responsible for renewals and account queries, you can have multiple logins allowing all staff in your school to access the resources. 

You can also set up ‘Manager Teachers’ who will be able to provide access to others.

Can I edit the PowerPoints and Learning Activities?

Yes, you can. The PowerPoints were created so that you can adjust and edit them to suit your teaching style and cohort of children. The Learning Activities are in PDF format, and provide a number of activities from which to choose. Inspectors will expect to see you adapting your programme to suit the needs of your pupils. We do ask that you retain all acknowledgments of Young Citizens (and any funders or co-producers) and do not share the resources beyond your school.


Which email address should I use to create my account?

You will need to use a school email address. This helps us more easily ensure it is recognised in the system and not mistaken for a non-staff member registering on your subscription.


I have forgotten my password, should I just create a new account?

You do not need to create a new account. Just click the log in button then click ‘Forgot Password’. Type in your email address and you’ll be sent an email to reset your password. If you don’t receive this email, please check in your spam folder.

How do I renew our School Subscription?

Now that the resource library is free to use, all subscriptions will automatically renew on 31st July each year.

I love Young Citizens resources and would like to support your work, what can I do?

Please tell other people that you love our resources! We know that in education word-of-mouth is the most powerful tool, so join us in shouting about how great we are!

Follow us on social media or drop us an email to tell us – so we can share it with our funders (and it always brightens up our day too). 

If you want to do more, there are many ways to support our work from volunteering to becoming a Friend of Young Citizens – please check out our page here.


Do you offer training to help us use the resources effectively?

Yes, please see here for the list of training we offer. You can contact us about our training sessions by email or by calling 020 7566 4141.


How do I add other teachers to my subscription?

If you are a Lead or Manager Teacher you will be able to add other teachers to your schools subscription so that they can access resources and tools. To add a teacher go to your dashboard and click on the ‘Team’ tab. From here you can access a registration link which can be sent to teachers who wish to join, or you can manually add teachers using their email addresses below. 

What are the different roles for teachers ?

There are three different roles a subscribed teacher can have: 

  •  Lead Teacher:  This is a teacher who purchased the subscription originally and is in charge of renewing . Each subscription can only have 1 Lead Teacher. Lead Teachers can add other teachers to their subscription. If you need to change your school’s lead teacher please get in touch with us.
  • Manager Teacher: A Manager Teacher is able to add other teachers as members to a subscription, as well as access all the resources and tools. 
  • Member Teacher: A Member Teacher cannot add or remove other teachers from a subscription, but can access all resources and tools.