Introduction to Social Action for Primary Teachers (free online course)

Thanks to a grant from the Pears #iwill Fund, primary school teachers can sign up for a free online training course on the importance of social action and how to introduce activity with your pupils. Find out more... Read more

Citizenship – a privilege or a right?

The story of Shamima Begum continues to hit the headlines as the news breaks that she will be entitled to legal aid to fight the decision made to revoke her citizenship. Opinions remain divided. Should tax payers foot the bill for her appeal? Was the original decision to revoke her citizenship legal? Read more

British Values

Would you like some free lessons to help you teach primary children about British values? This trial pack of lessons from our Go-Givers website contains the lesson "Democracy" for KS2 children, and the lessons "Our Rules" and "Taking Responsibility" for KS1 children to explore the rule of law and the concept of rights and responsibilities. Read more

The Law in Wales

Did you know the law is applied differently around the UK? Welsh schools - get your hands on this free resource developed especially for you. Read more

Migration of People

This free lesson explores the various reasons why people choose to migrate. It unpacks the differences between refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants, examining key pieces of legislation to see what rights migrants have in both national and international law. Read more


For young people in Britain today, it is likely that the remainder of their childhood and early adulthood will be dominated by Brexit. This will have profound implications on their life chances and opportunities. Read more

Talking about values in the classroom

This teaching unit by citizenship education pioneer Don Rowe accompanies 'Talking about values in the classroom', which introduces teachers to this method of developing students' skills of thinking and talking about moral issues. Another resources titled “All at Sea” is also included. The two units can be used together, or on their own. Read more

Controversial issues: guidance for schools

In an age of mass media and electronic communication, children and young people are regularly exposed to the conflicts and controversies of adult life. How can schools help prepare them? Read more