Schools measure children by their academic achievement. However, we need to remember that qualities such as empathy, compassion and fair-mindedness are just as important.

Go-Givers: growing a generation of caring, concerned citizens

Our SMSC resources website, ‘Go-Givers’, helps primary-school children become caring, concerned citizens. It enables children to grasp the issues facing society and provides them with the skills and aptitudes to confront and overcome inequality. It also gives them the skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to their communities.

The online platform offers schools 100+ cross-curricular lessons and assembly plans linked to PSHE and Citizenship, to develop children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning (SMSC). We help them build character, explore British values and learn about how our society works so they can play their full part in it.

Members also gain from curriculum-planning, assessment and positive pupil behaviour tools, remote support and whole staff CPD training offers, and much more.

The online content is supported by a dedicated team of experienced teachers and educators. They are on-hand to ensure your school fully utilises the website to enrich your curriculum and improve your SMSC provision.

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Go-Givers creates a custom made curriculum

With schools now expected to promote ‘character’ and ‘Fundamental British Values,’ teachers should find Go-Givers a very welcome addition to their toolkit.

More than 89,000 pupils are benefitting from Go-Givers resources.

When asked for their feedback, teachers tell us they subscribe because of the high-quality lesson plans and resources. The key benefits identified were that they save teachers’ time and can be edited and adapted to meet their pupils’ needs.

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