We Think Before We Act (poster)


We think before we act – We think about how our actions and words might affect other people, communities and the environment.

Our ethos statements are designed to be printed and displayed within the classroom. Each statement supports character development and the acquisition of key citizenship skills. A pupil certificate is available for each ethos statement.

The values and skills outlined in our ethos statements are further explored in the following lesson plans:

  • Dilemmas
  • Difficult decisions
  • What is a citizen?
  • Being part of a school community

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We Treat Others with Respect (poster)

We treat others as we would like to be treated. We value listening to and learning from each other.

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We Make a Difference in Our Communities (poster)

We know that positive change starts with many small actions.

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We Bounce Back (poster)

When faced with challenges we keep on trying and learn from our mistakes.

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