Browse our lessons, assemblies and more to develop students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) learning, including their understanding of fundamental British values.

Resources support Relationship Education, Character Education and the teaching of Citizenship and PSHE, from primary to secondary ages.

Access to our resources is free thanks to the Pears Foundation and our corporate funders.

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    Lessons, Sustainability and the Environment, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Climate action – using the law to drive change

    COP26 is being hosted in Glasgow this year and will be a pivotal moment in tackling the global climate...

    Lessons, Politics and Democracy, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Mock Parliament Debate

    Aimed at students in KS4 and 5 (13-18 year old) the pack is designed to be delivered over a two...

    Lessons, Politics and Democracy, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Be Your Own Councillor

    Aimed at KS4 or Post-16, by the end of the lesson students will: Understand the role of local government;...

    Lessons, Politics and Democracy, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    COVID and the Economy

    During this session, students will critically examine some of the key economic considerations of the pandemic. They will explore...

    Lessons, Politics and Democracy, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Democracy Ambassadors

    Knowing your rights as a citizen and being aware of the ways you can influence decisions is key to...

    Lessons, Economics, Money and Managing Resources, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Economic Cycles

    This free classroom resource explores what economic cycles are and how they impact our lives. Aimed at KS4 and...

    Lessons, Understanding Rules & The Law, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Ethics, Innovation and the Law

    Aimed at KS4 and Post-16, your students will: Explore the way technology is developing and the impacts this has on them and society Learn about the laws that regulate the…

    Lessons, Understanding Rules & The Law, KS3 (ages 11-14)

    Law in Wales

    Did you know that the age of criminal responsibility in Wales is ten? In Scotland it is 12. In...

    Lessons, Diversity and Inclusion, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Migration of People

    To help you engage your students in the topic of migration Young Citizens have developed a flexible teaching resource...

    Lessons, Politics and Democracy, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Mock G7 Pack

    The Mock G7 Summit Pack 2021 The UK hosted the G7 Summit in June 2021. Young Citizens wants to...

    Lessons, Understanding Rules & The Law, KS5 (ages 16-18)

    Mock Trials Classroom Pack

    Running a Mock Trial – Classroom Pack The Mock Trial Competitions are our longest-running active citizenship experiences. Since 1991,...

    Lessons, Health and Wellbeing, Social action/Active Citizenship, KS3 (ages 11-14)

    The Circle of Life Award

    The resources consist of six sessions – three teacher-led resources and three student-led – that are designed to empower...

    Lessons, Politics and Democracy, KS5 (ages 16-18)

    The Government and the Economy

    During this lesson students examine the role of national government in relation to taxation and public spending. The lesson...

    Lessons, Digital Citizenship, KS4 (ages 14-16)

    Who Owns Your Data?

    This ready-to-teach double lesson pack is aimed at students in key stages 4 and 5. During the course of...

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