Democracy Ambassadors

Being an informed and active citizen is empowering and can benefit our whole society.

The more people who participate in our democracy, the fairer and more equal it will be. 


What was Democracy Ambassadors?

Between April 2018 and March 2019 Young Citizens worked with youth leaders to recruit 1,000 Democracy Ambassadors.

The programme aimed to give young people a better understanding of our democracy and how they can influence change.

Funded by the Cabinet Office as part of the Government’s Suffrage Centenary Fund, the Ambassadors were challenged to share their learning and insight with other young people across England, creating a step change in youth participation. Ambassadors had access to a Peer-Peer support pack to support them in sharing their learning.

Find out more about what the programme achieved in our evaluation summary.


The resources have now moved.

The resources from the programme provided a great introduction to democracy and youth engagement. Since the programme ended the resources have been adapted for use in secondary schools.

Discover our new pack of secondary democracy resources, launched ahead of the General Election in 2024.


“The Democracy Ambassadors’ programme [was] a great way to educate young people in a way that is accessible to them.” 

Georgina and Natalie, Democracy Ambassadors from Woking Youth Council

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