We are the UK's leader in the field of public legal information (PLE) for young people. PLE gives young people the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle everyday problems.

We help young people understand the law

We help them to know their rights, understand their responsibilities and navigate confidently through the legal system, knowing when and where to ask for help and further advice.

We recognise the need for teachers and lecturers to possess authoritative content when delivering concepts with potentially profound outcomes. Therefore, we’ve created a host of high-quality, legally accurate resources which use a consistent approach.

Whether you are interested in teaching about the legal implications of social media use or in analysing human rights, consumer law or Brexit, we have everything covered with our SmartLaw classroom resources.

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Public Legal Education: improving lives, empowering communities

Over 1,000 schools are a part of the SmartLaw community.

Through SmartLaw, 46,000 young people across the UK are benefitting from these resources and learning more everyday.


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